Sell our Products for a Commission

How can you sell our Products for a Commission? 

We will generate a unique code for you that you can provide to your friends & family. Every time someone orders something on our website with your discount code, you will receive 15% commission per order. 

To become an agent for us please read follow the steps listed below.

  1. Contact us to let us know that you want to sell our products for a commission
  2. Email us your account details for us to be able to send your commission via account transfer
  3. You will then receive a unique code that you can share with anyone. The customer must type your unique code during purchase for us to identify the sale came from you. 
  4. By the end of your working month, you will then receive the total commission that you are payable for


Terms & Conditions

  • Jay & Kay is subject to accepting/declining your request based on any factor they deem fit
  • The amount payable to you will be paid in full by the start of the 2nd week of every month 
  • If any of your customers requests for a refund, the commission amount will be cancelled
  • If any of your customers reject delivery, that order's commission will not be payable
  • Commission of the sale will only be payable to you once the order has been fully delivered to the customer
  • By signing an agreed upon contract between Jay and Kay and yourself, you cannot say anything to any of your customers behalf of Jay and Kay that is against our company's policy



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