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Jay and Kay Apparel would like to work with you in building a trust-worthy brand here in Pakistan! Simply check our task listings and click on any tasks you think you can do for us. From content writing to selling our products for a commission, we are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals who can help us grow!

Who are we? 

Jay and Kay Apparel is an online men's casual clothing and accessories brand that sells across Pakistan. We are a start up brand that focuses on 2 way communication and building a community. 

We also focus on working closely with talented individuals like yourself and give acknowledgement for your work with us so that you can get a competitive edge in your respective industry of work. 

How does 'Work with us' ... work? 

Simply scroll down to 'Current Projects' and see what current tasks we need done by you. Whatever task you feel you can do for us, click on it and see the requirements and what you get out of it once the task has been completed. 

Once you feel like you know how you can help us, simply click on 'Contact us' and complete the form. Once we have reviewed your request, we will reply back to you within 24-48 hours. 

Current Projects

  • Blog About Us -
    Do you have your own Blog with a lot of followers that engage with you? Then this is for you, click on 'Blog About Us' and learn how you can benefit from blogging about us to your followers.

  • Sell our products for a commission -
    If you have a great social network and know a lot of people that are willing to buy our products then start getting paid by utilising your social network followers by selling our products for a commission. Learn more in detail by clicking on the hyperlink above.

  • Photoshoot & Editing - 
    We are currently looking for anyone who can do professional photoshoots and image cleaning for our products. You must provide a complete collection of cleaned images that we can utilise on our social channels, products pages and home page. 

This page is updated regularly so you'll find a lot more listings soon! Subscribe with us to stay updated.



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